How to choose a Real Estate Agent?

Reputation, knowledge of your specific neighborhood relative to the larger surrounding area and good referrals should be the key factors in deciding which realtor you choose. Remember, it's important to interview at least three potential real estate agents. The questions below can help during those interviews:

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent During Your Interview Notes

1. How many years have you been in business?

Note: Don't automatically rule out someone with little experience. Newer realtors who are still trying to establish themselves may work harder for you.


2. How long have you been a licensed realtor or real estate agent?


3. How far does your area extend?


4. Do you live in the area I'm interested in?


5. How long have you been selling houses in this area?


6. How many houses did you sell in the past year?


7. What is your commission?

Note: Sometimes smaller firms are more willing to negotiate their rates. Also, if you are going to use the same realtor to sell your current home and buy your next one, then be sure to try to negotiate the commission.


8. If I were to work with you, what does your marketing plan consist of?

Note: Are there flyers, open houses, listings, or Internet listings, for example?


9. How quickly will the home I wish to sell appear on MLS?


10. How long do you expect my home to be on the market and why?


11. How will you go about setting the price on my home?

Note: Make sure to keep your needs in mind—are you close to foreclosure, are you anxious to sell, or are you merely testing the market?


12. Can you help to find the right people to assist in preparing my home for sale?

Note: you may need, for example, repair people, gardeners, painters, interior designers.


13. Will you personally organize and coordinate meetings with potential buyers?


14. Can you give me names and telephone numbers of other families who have used your services?


15. Do you use the Internet to market homes?